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A Snowy Destination Wedding for Four

It's a frosty night with yesterday's snow still laying around, and I'm sitting here trying to keep warm and thinking about the perfect wedding... ironically, I've come across this unusual wedding package... get this: atop Juneau Glacier in Alaska. That's right, for a mere $1,050, you and your fiance, plus minister and photographer, will be flown by helicopter to say your vows on an Alaskan glacier. They'll even treat you to a cozy champagne and cake reception for four. Or maybe cozy is not … [Read more...]

Love Knot Wedding Invitation

What's not to love about these gorgeous invitations? David's Bridal Love Knot invitations come in 22 ribbon colors, 24 ink colors, and 17 envelope lining colors and patterns. Add deckle edges, custom printing, and matching response cards, and you've got an exceptional invitation that is unmatched in its beauty. … [Read more...]

Separation: The secret to a good marriage

I've been married for three years, and plan to stay married for a good long time. So I guess that's why I like the "Marriage is wonderful! That's why we do it!" type of articles (as opposed to the "Marriage is going down the tubes and isn't worth a cent these days, unless it's gay marriage and then it's cool" articles.)  So, I liked this one from the Times Online, called Marriage’s little secret: it works I mean, if that's not encouraging, I don't know what is! The author, Imogen Stubbs, … [Read more...]

CRYSTALLIZED: Wedding Belles

Just how many crystals can you incorporate into a wedding? Well, if it's Swarovski crystals we're talking about, the options are endless! Crystallized gowns, veils, shoes, bouquets, invitations, place cards... and of course crystal jewelry, accessories, and ornaments... In the words of the Parisian Party blog, "to promote “Crystallized”, their new product brand for all of their loose crystal elements, Swarovski invited over 100 designers from all over the world to create one-of-a-kind bridal … [Read more...]

Brides-to-be degrade themselves to win wedding prize

Would you be seen in public wearing your wedding dress, hair and make-up beautifully done... cramming wedding cake into your mouth as if you hadn't eaten in months? Apparently, some would degrade themselves so, just to win a prize. Watch this video from last June to witness fifteen U.S. brides-to-be swallow handfuls of cake in a race to win $25,000 towards their dream wedding. I don't think I could ever degrade myself like that, even if the prize was $1 million. Just looking at those women … [Read more...]


You're single. You flirt. You're dating. You flirt. You're engaged. You still flirt. Then you're married. Do you flirt? Contrary to widespread belief, only two very specific types of people flirt: those who are single and those who are married. Single people flirt because, well, they're single and therefore nobody is really contractually obliged to talk to them, sleep with them or scratch that difficult-to-reach part of the back. But married people, they're a tougher puzzle. They've found … [Read more...]

“Perfect Marraige” has bloody ending

I'd like to call your attention to Kevin and Dawn Moore, who had, in Kevin's words, "a perfect marriage." They never argued. It was an "open marriage" where each was allowed to go out and date other people.  He frequented a Ripon strip club, where he spent money on drinks and dances, and his wife was "fine with that." But the fun stopped when his 43-year-old wife was found dead outside the couple’s home, and Kevin is now on trial for bludgeoning her to death. And things were going so well, … [Read more...]

Lonely British hearts pining for marriage

If you're looking for a husband, a British chap might be just the thing! According to a recent poll, UK singles are ripe for the picking: UK singles are the saddest, shyest, and keenest on marriage. A third of Britons want to get married, and more than a third of them are miserable being alone. This is compared to only 17 percent of Dutch singles who mind being alone. Marriage is clearly not high on the list of things to do for other Europeans: a mere 8 percent of Austrians, 13 percent of … [Read more...]

Unspoiled Beauty: How to clean and store your gown

Hours of dancing and partying in your wedding gown are sure to leave stains. Even things that won't show up right away, such as body oils or white wine, can turn color after a few months and ruin your gown. That's why it's important to have your gown professionally cleaned, no more than six months after you've worn it. Here are a few pointers when it comes to preserving your wedding dress: Go over your gown thoroughly to find all stains, marks, and even tears. Then you can show these to … [Read more...]

Florida Marriage Amendment in Danger of Not Making 2008 Ballot

While the definition of marriage seems to be subjective in today's society, one Florida-based group is fighting to define marriage in its traditional parameters as "the union of one man and one woman." The Florida Coalition to Protect Marriageis working on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment, which would prohibit polygamy, group marriage, and same sex marriages.  In order for Floridians to have the chance to protect marriage in November, must collect 22,000 … [Read more...]