What is My Bridal Style?

If you are just starting to look around at gowns and hairdo’s and make-up options, you might find yourself perplexed. There are so many beautiful styles! The halter dress and the long sleeved gown might both appeal to you! You like the glamour of the up-do but the next day you love the look of flowing curls! Your mom tells you natural looking make-up is the way to go, but your best friend thinks you look ravishing with dramatic make-up.

How do you decide what look is right for you?

The best indication, according to Creating Your Wedding Day Style, is to think about the styles that you normally wear and feel comfortable with. “Do you tend to prefer a more romantic look to a modern one? Are you more likely to choose a vintage gown to a modern designer original?… If you don’t typically wear off the shoulder gowns, chances are you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a wedding dress that is off the shoulder.”

This is sound advice, although if you are the adventurous type you might want to experiment by trying on different styles, and playing with your hair and make-up. You might discover a new look that excites you and looks amazing. There’s no need to limit your options, even within the parameters of your comfort zone.

If you are really wavering, this blog suggests that you hire a wardrobe consultant and professional make-up artist. While this might indeed be helpful, I don’t see why it’s necessary to pay someone to do it. You probably have a friend or family member that can advise you, someone with good fashion sense who knows you well.