Wedding pranks: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I found this page listing various pranks and practical jokes that one can play on the bride and groom, on their wedding day. I think most of them are awful! The poor bride and groom have enough to think of without the extra stress. But if you absolutely MUST play a joke at your best friend’s wedding, you can check out Aha! Jokes for some ideas.

You can paint “HELP ME” on the bottom of his shoes, so that when he kneels at the alter everyone can see it (kind of cute). You can rent a tuxedo coat a few sizes too small and pretend you know nothing, when he tries to get dressed before the wedding (amusing, I’m sure). You can even pretend to have lost the ring, fill the getaway car with balloons, rig the horn to sound every time the brakes are used, or fill their luggage with styrofoam peanuts (lame but harmless!)…

Just please don’t be cruel and hire a “pregnant girlfriend” to appear at the service, demanding that the groom marry her. The same goes for a strange 4-year old child being instructed to run down the isle calling, “Daddy, Daddy!” Those are just NOT tasteful, and I doubt any bride or groom would find them amusing at such a solemn moment.


  1. I think I would find those hillrious on my wedding day! I particularly love the shoe prank. I think I may just try!

  2. I was at this one wedding were the best man stuffed his pockets full of cut up paper…and when he was asked for the ring…it only pulled paper out of his pockets….then he finally handed them the ring….it was funny but done very tastefully…