Up, down, or half? What is the right bridal hairstyle for you?

According to this fashion blog, deciding on a bridal hairstyle has a lot to do with personal preference. Which makes sense to me… I mean, it’s your wedding right? Secondary considerations would be factors such as: is your wedding a daytime wedding, or an evening wedding? Indoors or out? Will you be wearing a headpiece, and if so – what kind?

Up-do’s are best if you want a very formal look. However they work with any type of wedding, even the most casual beach wedding. I’d go with a looser up-do at a casual reception, and save the sleeker looks for fancy events.

Wearing your hair half-up is less formal and gives you a softer look than having all your hair back. Although this style is usually used for daytime weddings, it also works well for night time. And I guess it’s a sort of compromise, if one of you likes hair up and the other like the hair down!

Wearing the hair down is beautiful and glamorous. However if you will be outside for any amount of time, you might find it difficult to maintain. Consider using hair extensions to add length and body.

To sum it up, do what you think looks pretty and most complimentary to your face and gown… That way, you can’t really go wrong!