Wedding Favors Your Guests Don’t Want!

AisleDash complied a list of 5 gifts your guests can do without. Susan put it so well I’m not even going to try to rephrase it!

1. CD of your favorite music.One friend told me that she just tossed five — FIVE! — of these personal CDs, each with the bride and groom’s photo on the cover, in the trash. It may seem like fun to you to compile your favorite tunes, but your guests may not share your taste.

2. Anything engraved with your name and wedding date. Years ago, I was in three weddings in one year where the bridesmaid’s gifts were frames engraved with the bride and groom’s names. They never saw the light of day after I returned home from the wedding, because really, who wants a frame with someone else’s name on it?

3. T-shirt commemorating your wedding weekend. Just don’t. I’m begging you. Also: ball caps, tote bags, and pretty much anything that can be silk screened. NO.

4. Little wooden box with your wedding invitation permanently affixed to the lid.
This hadn’t occurred to me, but I’ve talked to more than one person who came home from a wedding with exactly this. There’s no real reason your guests want your invitation permanently on their coffee table.

5. Anything that will be difficult to transport.
Making cute topiaries for each guest? That’s lovely, but think about the people who have to get on an airplane the day after your wedding. Stick with something packable.

In the end, the best favors seem to be those that can be eaten or used: mints, candles, and tea bags came up over and over in conversation. And keep in mind that while there may be a place for the gifts listed above — your parents may really like the engraved photo frame, or it might be fun to have tote bags made up for the wedding party — the majority of the guests at your wedding don’t need a permanent reminder of your special day.

That all make sense to me!! As Susan points out, the best favors are the ones you can eat (chocolate!) or use (candles). If you are giving out favors, you might as well send the guests back with something they actually appreciate having!