Bliss: Brides of Color Magazine

Here it is, a new bridal magazine called Bliss, especially for you “gals of color” out there. It was launched in Houston, Texas, with complimentary (we like that!) copies available in that area. But if you don’t live in Houston, never fear… Readers all over the country can subscribe for $20, and the publishers will soon be launching Bliss in other metropolitan cities…

  In addition to your standard bridal-magazine content, Bliss goes one step further, covering topics like interracial weddings, wedding traditions, celebacy before marriage (for or against, d’ya think?) and how to make a marriage work (and oh yes, it is work!).  Sounds like you don’t need to be black to want your own copy of this new magazine!

In their own words: “In the face of the prevailing presence, purchasing power and rare beauty reflected in tones from ebony to ivory–women of color, specifically African-American, are consistently underrepresented in mainstream bridal publications,” said K. Broussard, Founder and Editor-in-Chief.


  1. Lakisha says:

    This is great! I’ve been hoping a magazine like this would come out- perfect timing for me, I’ll be getting married next June. Thanks!

  2. This site is such a great idea…I especially love the colors and design! Well done – may you have much success!