Welcome to Bride.net

Hi, I’m Dena, and I’m (dum da dum) the editor of this blog. As you’ve probably noticed, we are a young site. We’re just starting out, but hope to create a fabulous online community where you can browse bridal articles, get innovative ideas, and share your questions, experiences, and brainstorm with the rest of us! Please let us know what you’d like to see here. We actually do care!

A little about me: I’m 25 years old and I got married in October of ’05. (But hey, don’t we all want to feel like brides forever?) I’m from Los Angeles, I’m an artist, and I’m the mother of Esther, the cutest little 1 1/2 year old you’ll ever see.

I hope you’ll come back again, give us your feedback, and help us turn Bride.net into the net’s best bridal site yet 🙂