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Bridal Boot Camp

Do you want to get in shape and look fabulous for your wedding? Are you tired of going to the gym and doing workout videos on your own? Why not try a Bridal boot camp?! Many are owned and taught by women and offer specific training sessions geared towards brides. Boot Camps range from intensive weekend regimens to longer-term fitness and diet plans, and have sprung up in many places over the  last few years. Sage Bridal Bootcamp is a 4-week long program that provides "structure, … [Read more...]

One Hot Tux!

Manolo for the Brides is blogging about what the groom should wear, but what's the question, when you can wear a tux like the one pictured here? Mmmmmm.... … [Read more...]

Jumping the Broom: An African-American wedding custom

Jumping the Broom (not to be confused with Jumping the Groom, a practice more appropriately done in private) is an African-American wedding custom dating back to the 1800's.  The origin of this custom is cloudy. Some associate this practice with slavery, saying it dates back to a time when black slaves were not allowed to be married. Others hold that the roots of this custom are in West Africa, and that it should be practiced with "honor and respect" to one's African or African American … [Read more...]

Wedding Ceremony: Unity Candle

There are many factors, customs, and traditions to take into consideration when planning your wedding ceremony. These days it's acceptable to individualize the ceremony in just about every way. (Care to say your vows on a rollercoaster? Go right ahead!) A relatively recent addition to the ceremony is the lighting of a unity candle (started around 1970).  The way it's usually done is, a representative from each family (usually the mothers of the bride and groom) lights two taper candles at the … [Read more...]

Turning Wedding cakes into Edible Works of Art

You MUST see these cakes! Even if you, like me, can't understand why someone would pay a fortune for sugar flowers that look real (can't you just use real flowers??), you have to appreciate the artistry here.  Petal Crafts makes these amazing creations known as wedding cakes, featuring floral designs that look like actual flowers, but are 100% edible. See for yourself! … [Read more...]

How to carry your bouquet

It seems that many brides make the mistake of holding their bouquet so that it blocks the pretty bodice of their dress. If your elbows are at a right angle, you are holding your bouquet too high! To show off your dress and your bouquet to their best advantage, your arms should be only slightly bent, so that the bouquet is near your belly button. Says Soiree Classroom: The advantage of holding your bouquet lower is that it shows off the delicate bustline of your gown and also has a slimming … [Read more...]

Wedding pranks: the good, the bad, and the ugly

I found this page listing various pranks and practical jokes that one can play on the bride and groom, on their wedding day. I think most of them are awful! The poor bride and groom have enough to think of without the extra stress. But if you absolutely MUST play a joke at your best friend's wedding, you can check out Aha! Jokes for some ideas. You can paint "HELP ME" on the bottom of his shoes, so that when he kneels at the alter everyone can see it (kind of cute). You can rent a tuxedo coat … [Read more...]

What is My Bridal Style?

If you are just starting to look around at gowns and hairdo's and make-up options, you might find yourself perplexed. There are so many beautiful styles! The halter dress and the long sleeved gown might both appeal to you! You like the glamour of the up-do but the next day you love the look of flowing curls! Your mom tells you natural looking make-up is the way to go, but your best friend thinks you look ravishing with dramatic make-up. How do you decide what look is right for you? The … [Read more...]

Marriage: Bondage or Bonding?

In my last post I quoted an article celebrating the beauty of marriage... the joy and anticipation expressed by the wedding day... Because I'm tired of all the negativity surrounding marriage, I'm going to quote another article about marriage that I liked. (And also because, frankly, I'm tired of writing about bouquets and engagement rings and bridal hair-do's.) This blogger (Partners & Marriage) starts out apparently on the Other Side of the Fence, saying: ...I have seldom met a … [Read more...]

The Way a Wedding Should Be

Why is it so fashionable these days to knock down the concept of marriage and trample it in the dust? You'd think from the way people talk about it that the wedding is The End. That no one in their right mind actually wants get married. That its an evil of today's society that needs to be reevaluated and redefined. Maybe removed. I look at the headlines relating to marriage, and they are a dismal bunch. That's why I like reading the happy marriage articles. The ones where people are actually … [Read more...]