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The Nest:

Did you know that TheKnot has a follow-up site for married people? It's called TheNest. I took a 10-second look at the site and it seemed pretty innocuous to me. "Online house hunting 101... Look Hot by Labor Day: 10 Easy Workouts... Consolidate our Debt? Etc." The typical articles you'd expect to see on a website (or magazine) for newlyweds. Apparently , not everyone is a fan of TheKnot. The Gawker calls it "The Horror of the Marrieds" and laments the smugness and stupidity that go along … [Read more...]

Who will walk me down the aisle?

If your dad was deceased, and you had to choose someone to walk you down the aisle in his place, who would it be? "My dad died two-and-a-half years ago and nobody could ever replace dad," says recently married Julie Hargreaves. And in the next breath she adds, "So Thom was the obvious choice, and besides, he’s been in the family so long he needed to be there." Who exactly was her "obvious choice" to replace Dad? Her trusty Old English Sheepdog, Thom.  What the hell is wrong with … [Read more...]

Wedding favors, no thank you

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of wedding favors.  This article says, "The newlywed couple presents a gift to their guests as gestures of gratitude for having attended their wedding and participating in the couple’s new life together." Well, that is very nice, but wasn't it enough that the newlyweds used their life savings (or that of their parents) and treated you to a royal evening complete with free food, drinks, music, dancing... they need to give you a gift to take home as … [Read more...]

Bridal gowns: Am I really that size?!

You may be pulling down size 6's when you're shopping at the mall, but the NCTimes warns that you can expect to try on gowns at least 2 sizes larger than normal when you're shopping for a wedding dress.  Jeff Moore of David's Bridal says this is because "bridal sizing goes back to a scale established during World War II that used data intended for making uniforms... The scale also was used for ready-to-wear clothes, but over time, sportswear adapted its sizes to reflect changing body shapes, … [Read more...]

Credit scores: Does marriage make them one, too?

"If I have a very good credit history, but marry someone with a poor one, will it change my credit rating?" Don't call off the wedding! The answer is no. Every person has their own separate credit history, which stays the same even after they get married. However, your spouse's poor credit history may be a hindrance in some situations. For example, if you apply for a loan together, you may be rejected because of his/her poor credit score. On the flip side, if you apply for a large loan on … [Read more...]

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

A few posts back I mentioned a bridal shower game where guests team up to create a dress made completely out of toilet paper. Well, apparently Cheap-Chic had a toilet-paper wedding dress contest, and awarded $500 to the winner! The official rules state: To enter, submit one front photo, one back photo and one profile photo of a model wearing a wedding gown and headpiece that you have constructed out of toilet paper, tape and/or glue ONLY. Yet, if you take a look at these … [Read more...]

Marriage Quiz for Dummies

You'd think if MSNBC was going to post a quiz to test whether you need marriage counseling, they would at least put more than 2-minutes thought into it. But apparently not. There are only 5 questions (answer true or false) to find out if your marriage "needs help," and they are: 1. My partner says help is “psychobabble” but I am really unhappy. 2. If only I could get through to my partner I think we would be okay. 3. I want to stay married for our children but can’t take this much … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride does Glam

BridalWave suggests this dress (plus accessiories) for the glamerous mom who's got some money to spend! Personally, I think you'll need a really young mother to pull this off. And you'll need a really stunning gown of your own to ensure your mom isn't stealing all the attention. Personally, I'd tell her to wear something else!! … [Read more...]

Camping out with the bride & groom

Do you love the great outdoors? Does your summer camp hold a special place in your heart? Does your dream wedding weekend include swimming in the lake, hiking, a barbecue, and a scavenger hunt? If so, join the growing trend of campers who choose to tie the knot at camp! The NY Times has the full story... For a list of camps that do weddings, check out You can leave behind your high heels and fancy gowns.  Just don't forget the bug spray! … [Read more...]

Remembering Loved ones at your Wedding

Sometimes a wedding can feel bitter-sweet, as you celebrate your marriage while mourning those who could not share it with you. Some couples chose to commemorate their loved ones during the ceremony or at the reception.  At WedSmack you can read about various creative and touching ways people have chosen to do this. Some ideas include: Placing a white rose on an empty chair near the alter.  Have a family member sing Aunt Lila's favorite song as tribute during the ceremony.  Include … [Read more...]