The Nest:

Did you know that TheKnot has a follow-up site for married people? It’s called TheNest. I took a 10-second look at the site and it seemed pretty innocuous to me. “Online house hunting 101… Look Hot by Labor Day: 10 Easy Workouts… Consolidate our Debt? Etc.” The typical articles you’d expect to see on a website (or magazine) for newlyweds.

Apparently , not everyone is a fan of TheKnot. The Gawker calls it “The Horror of the Marrieds” and laments the smugness and stupidity that go along with it, reducing married people to morons who pity all single people, can’t deal with an unmade bed, and forget what it means to have a good time.  Hmmm, I smell some serious resentment going on…

What do you think?