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No ordinary Wedding Cake

Beautiful... funky... colorful... precariously stacked and in dozens of flavors you've never even heard of: Wedding cakes these days are one more way to show off your personal flair. This particular article focusing on cake makers in Frederick County, MD, but these trends can be found all over the country. Most cakes take 10 hours or less, but one cake in the shape of a castle took Juanita Bowers 30 hours to make! Among her more unusual cake creations is the but increasingly popular cakes, … [Read more...]

This bride’s got her head in the clouds…

Or more accurately, in outer space. I don't know what it is. Some people will do anything for attention. Some people just like living on the edge.  For some people, "normal" is just not good enough.  I wonder what sort of childhood trauma someone has to endure in order to want to get married on a space ship for $500,000. That's what Cindy Cashman plans to do in 2008. Among her list of been-there-done-that stunts are: Riding elephants, barefoot water-skiing, flying upside-down in a stunt … [Read more...]

Father of the Bride-to-be

Ever wonder what the father of the bride feels about his daughter's wedding? Aside from shock and gloom about how fast his money is disappearing? Here is a totally sweet article written by a father of the bride-to-be... … [Read more...]

You can be a Disney Princess

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, Kirstie Kelly has designed 34 gowns for you to choose from. Each gown is inspired by one of the beloved Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle.  Kelly, who was approached by Disney to design these dresses, watched each movie several times and has endeavored to "capture the unique spirit and beauty of each Disney Princess." … [Read more...]

Are you an ethical bride?

Well, I'm not quite sure what that means either, but it has something to do with not wearing real diamonds (lab-developed gems, anyone?), vegan feasts, and tree-free plantable seed paper invitations with chemical-free screen printing. I didn't even know that such a thing existed. Personally, I think some of these people are getting a bit carried away, but if this is something that gets you going, check out Ethical Weddings. It's definitely interesting to see the many varied and creative ways … [Read more...]

Wedding dress? I’ll take two.

Some are looking to save money when planning a wedding and buying a gown, others are looking to splurge. The latest trend is buying two dresses, and this makes gown retailers very glad. Some women want to wear a gorgeous, fairy-tale dress to the ceremony, and then change into something slinkier to dance in at the reception. Some want to wear their grandmother's dress, but also choose a dress of their own. Some want to wear Western white and then appear in traditional Chinese red or Mid-East … [Read more...]

Bridal Registry: How to do it right!

Obviously, there's more to creating a dream registry than going to a store and grabbing a clipboard or a scanner.  Oops. I guess I did it all wrong. My mom basically dragged me to Bed, Bath & Beyond and forced me to pick out linens and flatware. I couldn't think of anything less interesting to do. But maybe BB&B wasn't really my type of store. Anyway, here's a helpful list by design expert Susanna Salk of do's and don'ts when planning your registry. I suppose if you're gonna do it, … [Read more...]

Colorful Wedding Gowns

Looking to spice up your traditional white dress? Maybe you can take some pointers from these foreign brides! You can see gorgeous sari's from India, brilliant red dresses (red is the wedding white in China!), a lovely lavendar gown from Japan, and a bride from Bulgaria with quite interesting make-up. … [Read more...]

Robot, will you marry us?

I cannot believe this article is for real. Some guy designed a robot who is going to be the master of ceremonies at his own wedding:  "A robot will be master of ceremonies for a South Korean wedding this weekend in what its creators Friday claimed as a world first."  Ok, so he gets to be the first. He gets to be different. I just don't see the appeal.  I  can't imagine anyone wanting a robot as their MC. Don't they want some meaning in their ceremony? A little bit of emotion? Are … [Read more...]

Brides against Breast Cancer

There are many things you can do with your wedding dress once the wedding is over. Some store it for use by the next generation. Some have it altered to wear as an evening dress. Some trash it. Still others choose to donate it to a worthy cause such as Brides against Breast Cancer.  How does it work? Brides, as well as boutiques and designers, donate dresses which are then resold for anything between $49 to $799.  Some of these are brand-new, designer gowns that really cost up to $4,000! So … [Read more...]