This bride’s got her head in the clouds…

Or more accurately, in outer space.

I don’t know what it is. Some people will do anything for attention. Some people just like living on the edge.  For some people, “normal” is just not good enough.  I wonder what sort of childhood trauma someone has to endure in order to want to get married on a space ship for $500,000.

That’s what Cindy Cashman plans to do in 2008. Among her list of been-there-done-that stunts are: Riding elephants, barefoot water-skiing, flying upside-down in a stunt plane and swimming with dolphins (am I the only one that thinks swimming with dolphins is out of place on this list?).

As if wanting to get married in outer space is not weird enough, Ms. Cashman decided she wanted to do this, and then went on a quest for somone to do it with. Bascially, a space wedding was next on her list of adventures. So the man is what? Just a prop? Kind of like the elepahnts that she likes to ride?

After dating 33 men in 12-months, Cindy found Mr. Right. Or at least Mr. Right-for-the-Space-Wedding. His name is Mitch Walling, and he proposed while riding a motorcycle at 70 mph. Now if that sweet mental image doesn’t make you want to melt, I don’t know what would…

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