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Skip the Gym…

For the bride who hates exercise and loves chocolate: "Who really has time to diet, workout, go to work and plan a wedding? An a-line dress in firm brocade holds its shape and holds in yours. If you’re all curves, a deep v-neck, contoured waist and inverted pleat do everything a personal trainer would, but in seconds." Hey, gives you more time to browse bridal magazines and play around with hairstyles, right? Get it here, ladies :-) … [Read more...]

Wedding photography for the day after!

Here's a super-cool idea about photographing you in your wedding dress... I read about it on a photographer's blog: it's called "Trash the Dress!" Basically, the day after the wedding (or I suppose any day after the wedding) you can put on your gown and go take pictures anywhere you want... without worrying about ruining your dress (just hoping the stains come out at the dry-cleaners!) So you can get out and roll in the sand, splash through the waves, dance in the rain... oooooh how … [Read more...]

Wedding Humor

Need some good jokes? Maybe you are writing a wedding speech and want to insert some humor. Maybe the planning is stressing you out, and you need a good laugh...  Here's a site called that's got a section purely devoted to wedding humor.  You might actually find something to make you laugh :-) "Men wake up as good-looking as when they went to bed.  Women somehow deteriorate during the night." Tee hee. SO TRUE. … [Read more...]

Bare toes and wedding gowns?

So they say the flip flop is the new black dress... it's the perfect footwear for any occasion. Some would even go so far as to pair 'em with a white dress and veil. Others question their appropriateness. Personally, I'm with those who think flip flops belong on the beach. But I admit that I wore sandals to my wedding. They were NOT flip flops, and they had a fabulous 4 inch heel, but I wince whenever I see a picture of my toes peeking out from under the lace. Not classy. I guess I … [Read more...]

Bliss: Brides of Color Magazine

Here it is, a new bridal magazine called Bliss, especially for you "gals of color" out there. It was launched in Houston, Texas, with complimentary (we like that!) copies available in that area. But if you don't live in Houston, never fear... Readers all over the country can subscribe for $20, and the publishers will soon be launching Bliss in other metropolitan cities...   In addition to your standard bridal-magazine content, Bliss goes one step further, covering topics like … [Read more...]

The Surrendered Wife

"I became a Stepford wife and saved my marriage," claims Karen. Does this mean that she dyed her hair blonde and bakes scones all day? Not quite... Relinquishing control in marriage and restoring marital harmony is the name of the game in a new Channel Five documentary (in the UK).  The idea of the surrendered wife comes from a book by American Laura Doyle and has created a mini-movement.  "The idea is that men can't change - so women are the ones who need a radical re-think in order to … [Read more...]

The Guest Dress Guide

It's nice that this woman is thinking of others and not just herself when she dresses to go to a wedding...  She's got some useful tips when trying to figure the right outfit for someone else's big day... dress tastefully, throw on a hat... and never wear white! … [Read more...]

“Green” Weddings

Potted plants, second-hand dresses, recycled paper, and organic wine. These days, it's all about environmentally-friendly celebrations. After all, you wouldn't want them talking about your wedding the way they did about Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar's...  That their week long celebration produced a carbon footprint so large that it would take the average British couple more than ten years to contribute as much towards heating up the planet.  *Gasp!* Read more about Green Weddings here. … [Read more...]