Summer Wedding Favor Fever!

I've been browsing for the perfect wedding favors for a summer celebration, and there are so many fun and funky gifts it's hard to post only a handful. Here are some great ideas that we know you'll love to give, your guests will love to receive, and your wallets will adore, too! * * * Fans & Parasols Summer months and tropical climates are ideal for weddings, but when the sun is beating down upon you, wouldn't a nice fan or parasol come in handy? wedding favors to save the day! … [Read more...]

Your wedding: “Wear This, Not That”

Some people don't really get the idea of a laid-back wedding, and when instructed to dress casually, still arrive in suits, ties, and formal dresses. Offbeat Bride Mari had a great idea for her wedding which she says, "Fee free to steal." So we'll take her literally and repost the adorable little pamphlet that she emailed the guests to help everyone with packing. feature image credits: Gown, sundress … [Read more...]

Feel-Good Bridal Registry: Give to Charity

Charitable wedding registries are a good way to share the love you feel by helping others less fortunate and making our world a better place. Instead of collecting more household items or fat checks, this idea appeals particularly to couples who have just about everything they need already. Plus, your guests will appreciate doing a good deed that benefits others and makes the bride and groom happy. Everyone wins! Here's another good idea, while you're at it: The guys at … [Read more...]

Create a Wedding Guest Photo Booth

When your wedding is over, you're left with lots of cake, gifts, memories, and-- perhaps most important of all-- photos of your special day! There will be a great many pictures of the bride, the groom, and the wedding party... but wouldn't it be great to have formal-- or not-so-formal-- photos of each and every guest and family member as well? photo here via Your Best Wedding Enter the photo booth!! It's a little station you set up to entice your guests to pose for their very own photo … [Read more...]

The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Registries

The wedding registry can be a confusing and touchy subject for both the bride and her guests. Brides might wonder: Do I have to register? What if I don't really need household things? Are there other alternatives? Of course the guests have their own questions? Do I have to buy something on the registry? How much do I need to spend? If I bought an engagement gift, do I also have buy a wedding present? I was reading All About RegistriesQ&A at the Washington Post, moderated by Summer Krecke, … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Avoid Wedding Disaster

There are many ways to plan a wedding that you won't enjoy.  For example, your best friend says you MUST do the bouquet toss, although you think it's the silliest of customs. You want to cry as you cut the over-your-budget wedding cake you ordered to please your mom. Your guests are cold and wet after an unexpected shower at your outdoor ceremony... Don't let this happen to you!  From the Wedding Examiner, an LA-based creator and conductor of hundreds of civil and event weddings a year, comes … [Read more...]

How to be a Gracious Host at your Wedding

ABC 7online and The Knot put together a list of helfpul hints to make your guests feel simultaneously comfortable, joyful, and excited.  It may take a little patience and forethought, but it's well worth the effort to ensure that everyone at your wedding will be having fun! Review the Guest List  Discuss the invite list with your fiance and your families a week prior to the wedding to avoid any uncomforatable situations, and to find out about key people to meet and any taboo topics (like Aunt … [Read more...]