How to Negotiate with Wedding Vendors

According to The Knot, it's worth negotiating with even the hottest vendor in town, especially if there's a good reason: like having the wedding on a less-popular Friday night. Here are some more crucial pointers: Know the market Find out what other vendors offer for the same price point, and use this as leverage. Ask about every single thing that's included in your package. Then find out in advance what extras are going to cost -- and whether those costs can be waived. Stick to your limit A … [Read more...]

First things First: Booking a Wedding Venue

If you are newly engaged and wondering where to begin the wedding planning process, one of the first things to sort out is where you will be getting married.  Along with your caterer, one of the biggest chunks of your budget will quite possibly go toward your wedding venue. Here are some points to keep in mind and some questions you may want to ask during your search, culled from How to choose a venue: 1.  Do you plan to marry in a church or synagogue, and then move somewhere … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty: 4 Cosmetic Procedures that are worth the cost

Do you have sun-damaged or sallow skin, acne scars, facial hair, or rosacia? Do you want a glowing complexion, fuller lips, even skin tone?  What can you do to look your best for the big day? investigated the cost--in money, time, and discomfort--of four common cosmetic procedure beauty investments to find the "real deals."   No beauty treatment, not even a $20,000 face-lift, lasts a lifetime. But there are some cosmetic procedures that can help you look your best for your … [Read more...]

Wedding Gift Etiquette: Is your presence present enough?

Urbzen's post "Enraged to be Married" has a few thing to say ways a bride and groom can celebrate their wedding day (wedding week?) without making their friends and family members want to smother them with an embroidered satin pillow. And in regards to gifts... That’s precisely what they are, gifts. Marriage is an important milestone, but your particular life choices don’t mean that anybody owes you anything beyond a warm “Congratulations.” And please spare everyone the lecture on how much a … [Read more...]

Looking to Save? Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Wedding Stuff at Bravo Brides!

The current recession has forced many brides to slash their wedding budget and cut out some of the more extravagant details from their original wedding plan. The New York Times reports that some brides are relocating to cheaper venues, nixing the wedding cake, asking a shutter-happy friend to replace the photographer, downsizing the bouquets, and slashing the guest list. The NY Times also mentions a cool website called Bravo Brides. This is a fantastic forum for brides-to-be who want to save … [Read more...]

Off-peak wedding can save you big bucks

If saving money is a big concern for you when planning your wedding, try to plan it away from the peak months. The summer months are usually busiest, as are weekends.  Scheduling your big day around these times can save you money! Colette Harris, editor of You and Your Wedding, says, "The costs for all your suppliers are usually dramatically reduced. A wedding on a Friday in April will usually cost you probably at least 30 to 40 per cent less than it would to have that wedding on a Saturday … [Read more...]