Marriage: Signs of Communication Breakdown

Lack of communication in relationships seems to be a consistent cause of marital problems. But because a breakdown in communication does not usually happen overnight, there are usually signs of trouble for a while before a real split happens.

Here are some symptoms and suggested remedies to heal ailing communication between partners, from Kim Malchuk, motivational speaker, coach, and award-winning author (via Hitched). :

1: Short Fuse. This is a warning flag, especially if your spouse is generally easy-going. If he/she seems to be getting irritated quickly then something’s wrong. Try approaching your partner in a calm and caring manner (a bit of light humor might help if that’s your style) to help your spouse open up and tell you what’s on their mind.

2: Withdrawn and Distant. Career, financial pressures, family issues, health– there are a lot of things that cause us stress. It’s not unusual for people to pull back or get really quiet when they are stressed out. Let your partner know you are there for them and that you’d love to listen to whatever they have to say whenever they want to talk about it.” Again, use a soft and non-demanding tone will help create a comfortable space to start the conversation.

3: Guessing Game. If you sense that something is off kilter, don’t try to guess what it is; just come right out and ask our partner if something is bothering them. Better to get the info from the source rather than letting your imagination run wild. Checking in with your spouse shows that you are paying attention to them and to the overall harmony of the marriage.

4: Kids Rule. This one’s tough but it can be done! Designate a time or a place in your home where the topic of kids is taboo. This time or place should be reserved just for the two of you. A happy Mommy and Daddy with a healthy relationship will benefit everyone living under the roof.

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