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Brides (and Grooms) who Don’t Love the Spotlight

Did you know half of the population considers themselves shy, and that 13 percent of the population has an extreme form of social anxiety called social phobia? For this reason, says IntimateWeddings, it’s safe to say that there are many brides and grooms who are terrified of getting married. It's not that they fear marrying the wrong person... the are just not happy about the thought of being center of attention! Some brides (and grooms) are shy of having all eyes upon them. Others are afraid … [Read more...]

Beads, Buttons, & Buckles: Supplies for the DIY Bride

M&J Trimmings recently updated their new Bridal Center. It took a while, but it’s finally finished and ready for all brides-to-be and wedding planners!  Whether you're undertaking an ambitious project like sewing your own dresses, or something simple like decorating the flower girl baskets, M&J's Bridal Center has all the supplies and great inspiration! Swarovski crystals ribbons & trims laces appliques buttons buckles handbag … [Read more...]

6 Things Your Wedding Photograhper Wants You to Know reveals six things that your wedding photographer wants you to know... but might not want to tell you. While we might think we know what our photos should look like, and how to achieve the results, remember that these professionals have been doing this for a lot longer than we have! So you might want to discuss some of the following details with your photographer and see what he/she has to say! 1. You don't look silly! "Realize that even though you feel stupid while you're getting … [Read more...]

A Musical Wedding Toast

If you or your fiance are musical (or just appreciate some good, fun music!) here is a group-effort wedding toast that is sure to be a hit! This is also a great idea for family and friends of the bride and groom, who are looking for a good way to praise the couple and entertain the guests all at the same time! … [Read more...]

Budget-Slashing Wedding Planning Tips

Martha Stewart Weddings presents 65 Ways to Trim Your Budget... and who's budget couldn't use a little trimming, right? Here are some of their best wedding planning tips. If you have any other great budget-slashing ideas, please add them in the comment section! Save on Alcohol Instead of providing a full bar, serve a signature drink, such as punch or a favorite cocktail, instead of providing a full bar.  Another option is to limit alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that will … [Read more...]

Learn to Fight Fair!

Trust is probably the most important ingredient in building an intimate relationship between husband and wife. The essence of building trust is summed up in one idea by Dov Heller, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles: Create a safe emotional space for your spouse. Many people wrongly believe that in a good marriage, you can "relax" and do not have to monitor everything you say and do. Nothing could be farther from the truth!  In a good … [Read more...]