Find your Signature Wedding Cocktail

Why should you pick a Signature Cocktail?

Having a signature cocktail at your wedding can serve several functions. First off, it enhances your theme or color selections. Although one type of drink is plenty, you may choose a couple more to compliment your theme, says the New York Wedding Guide.

Another advantage of having one or two signature drinks is that it’s economical. Instead of having an open bar with a wide variety of alcoholic drinks available, you can have a cocktail hour with just one or two options. Then you can offer beer or wine during the meal.

How to choose a Signature Cocktail:

It’s best to find bartenders who will work in conjunction with your caterer.  Unless they indicate otherwise, caterers may use cheaper alcohol or have staff unaccustomed to mixing special drinks. Otherwise, consider using simple, ready-made ingredients with an easy-to-follow recipe.

According to Jonathan Pogash, a NY based cocktail developer and mixologis, here are some things to consider when choosing a signature drink:

  • Color: Almost any color can be recreated in liquid form!
  • Liquor: Decide what your favorite spirit is, whether gin, rum, rye, or bourbon, and use that as your base.
  • Garnish: This serves a dual purpose: It looks pretty and adds flavor to the drink. It can be your favorite fruit or edible flower, or just a maraschino cherry.
  • Virgin options: Always have a non-alcoholic drink ready for the under-aged those who don’t drink.

The Knot has a complete “Signature Cocktail Finder” that allows you to search for drinks based on color, season, or name.  Choose a deep crimson Fruitini to match your bouquet, or  an Apple Pie for a fall wedding. For some ideas, this might be a good place to start.

Making the Cocktail your Own

To really make the cocktail unique and memorable, YumSugar suggests Changing the name to express your personalities, or name it after a place that’s meaningful to you as a couple (the city you met in, the park where you had your first kiss, the restaurant where he proposed).

Then decide the best way to serve the drinks. Will bartenders be mixing up fresh batches or is it easier for guests to serve themselves out of large pitchers set on the tables?  For a more formal wedding, waiters passing around the drinks on trays is chic. For something more informal, large punch bowls on the tables would be fabulous (and you kill two birds with one stone, if you incorporate it with your centerpieces).

To help you personalize your signature cocktail, you can add personalized garnish labels, ribbons, or charms.