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Affordable Ways to De-stress

We don't need to tell YOU how stressful planning a wedding can be.  If you are feeling, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched beyond your budget, you may be wondering how to loosen up without spending even more money.  A deep-tissue massage at the spa or dinner and a movie with your girlfriends might do the trick, but it will cost you! Here are some ideas from AllHealthcare, via Four White Mice to help you relax with an easy conscience. It's good for you and your relationships, too! feature … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Love

Preparing for the holidays can be joyful but stressful at the same time. Planning, shopping, cooking, and decorating can make you anxious, family members can drive you nuts, and some people even suffer depression around this time. But thanksgiving is also an opportunity to give thanks, Gail Saltz, M.D. reminds us, not for what you have, but for who you have. Having people you love and who love you back is probably your most valuable asset. Strong relationships nourish you, provide support, … [Read more...]

Plan your wedding on the move

Anna McDonald Bridal Gallery has produced the world’s first Bridal Shop iPhone application with the help of MDB Consulting. This app offers brides-to-be access to valuable information for planning their big day, including a countdown to the event, a bridal gallery, special offers and planning advice. The Bridal Gallery iPhone application is free to download and enables consumers to access vital information on the move. Content will be updates daily so brides can retrieve the latest … [Read more...]

DIY Headbands for the Bridal Party

Headbands are the hot accessory right now, and can be a great way to add flair and unify your bridal party. Plus, they're a fun do-it-yourself project! Simple enough for even the not-so-crafty among us, you can also make them as elaborate as your imagination gets. Here are a few DIY headband tutorials that I've found to get the creative juices flowing. Gather your bridesmaids together and have a good time with them! This photo is of Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen, who wore a silver … [Read more...]

Winter Brides Wrap it up

Your sleeveless or strapless wedding gown will undoubtedly look lovely on the big day, but how will you brave the winter weather to get to your wedding venue? Are you having an outdoor ceremony at sunset, or a quick photo shoot in the swirling snow? Whatever it is, a little extra protection might be a good idea... But what can you wear that will add, not detract, from the beauty of your bridal wear? * * * * * * * * If you just can't see yourself covering up that gorgeous … [Read more...]

Ethical Jewelry: Know what you’re buying

If you are headed toward an engagement, or are engaged already but still looking for the right ring or other bridal jewelry, there are other things to think about aside from style, price, and size of the rock!  Whether your personal values have led you to follow a more environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle, or you just want to do your part in making the world a better place, consider buying an "ethical" - not just beautiful - engagement ring. It’s amazing, points out Katherine … [Read more...]

Wedding Vendors Provide Free Service to Deserving Couples

Much can be said about the big, bad, greedy wedding industry, determined to separate brides and grooms from their hard-earned money. So it's nice to know that some wedding vendors out there are showing a softer side, providing services free of charge to those who deserve it most. Bridal salons, photographers, florists, and ordinary citizens who want to do a good deed... there are more of them out there than you might be aware of! Photo from Jamie Collins Photography Free Gowns for … [Read more...]

5 Trends for the Trendy Groomsmen

1. So long, bow tie Today's stylish groomsman are wearing tuxedos with long ties, and with vests instead of cummerbunds. "More and more grooms are ordering cravat [long] ties, non-pleated shirts, and three-button jackets, which is a more modern option," says Brian Regenstreich, manager of Zeller Tuxedos in New York. 2. Beyond the Tux For a casual affair, it's OK to dress the guys in blazers, and match something in their outfits (a pocket square, a tie, a belt, their socks!) with the overall … [Read more...]

Create a Wedding Guest Photo Booth

When your wedding is over, you're left with lots of cake, gifts, memories, and-- perhaps most important of all-- photos of your special day! There will be a great many pictures of the bride, the groom, and the wedding party... but wouldn't it be great to have formal-- or not-so-formal-- photos of each and every guest and family member as well? photo here via Your Best Wedding Enter the photo booth!! It's a little station you set up to entice your guests to pose for their very own photo … [Read more...]

Gorgeous DIY Wedding Templates & Clip Art

If you are a crafty-sort who enjoys creating beautiful things that reflect your personal style, you've got to check out Martha Stewart's collection of templates and clip art. You can download all sorts of gorgeous things, such as tag & label templates, place card templates,  favor packaging templates, deocration templates, programs, menus, and stationary templates! Here are some of my favorite ideas... Just Married Signs This is perfect for your reception decor or getaway car … [Read more...]