Photo slideshow provides instant entertainment at your wedding

I saw a great entertainment idea for your wedding, especially if you’ll have a lull in the action where guests might get a little bored. Wedding Elegante suggests giving your guests the simple pleasure of immediate gratification. Many photographers have the ability to display images from the wedding day shortly after they are taken.

Wouldn’t it be nice to include your guests in the parts of the ceremony they may have missed? Think about moments like early morning preparations, close up’s from the ceremony, and artistic shots of the bride and groom. Maybe you can include earlier memories, like the proposal. A large computer screen or projector displayed on a side table with a few flowers is a perfect platform for a rolling slideshow, making a great conversation piece for the cocktail hour or for after dinner.

Ask your photographer if they offer this service or one like it. It’s a great advertising tool for the photographer as well; alongside the screen they can set out a few business cards. Gabelli Photography in Vernon, New Jersey, is one studio that offers the instantaneous slideshow option.

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