Hello sunshine: The yellow wedding!

For brides who want something pretty and feminine, but are weary of pink, yellow is a hot alternative.  If the color yellow makes you think of fuzzy baby chicks or iconic smiley faces, think again! When done right, yellow is fun, fresh, and sweetly elegant.

WedSmack offers the following four tips on how to keep it real:

Color Block. Take a tip from home interiors and go for fresh-looking bouquets filled with chunky, alpine-white flowers. Then pop in a few super-bright yellows (like daffodils or parrot tulips) here and there for contrast. Don’t try to blend them.

Cozy Up. Pair yellow with other high-energy colors, like tangerine and chartreuse. Or even crisp monochromatics: try gray, or black and white.

Time Travel. Yellow is tons of fun with a tongue-in-chic vintage theme (think, fifties cake topper kitsch.)

Beyond Solid-arity. Defy expectations by leveraging plenty of crisp, oversized patterns like swiss dots, lattice or geometric florals.

Here’s a glorious golden wedding collage from WedSmack:

David’s Bridal has dozens of gorgeous bridesmaid’s dresses in yellow:

I also found TheKnot to have a wonderful photo gallary of yellow weddings. Here are a few of my favorite images:


  1. please send me the link to purchase the yellow dresses the two little girls are wearing???? PLease????
    Thank you