The Way a Wedding Should Be

Why is it so fashionable these days to knock down the concept of marriage and trample it in the dust? You’d think from the way people talk about it that the wedding is The End. That no one in their right mind actually wants get married. That its an evil of today’s society that needs to be reevaluated and redefined. Maybe removed.

I look at the headlines relating to marriage, and they are a dismal bunch. That’s why I like reading the happy marriage articles. The ones where people are actually in love and looking toward a bright future together. The ones where a wedding is celebrated with pure joy, without doubts and lurking fears of life-long bondage. The ones where marriage is seen as a blessing and privilege.

Like this one, called A report from the scene of a wedding that exceeded expectations. It’s just sweet! Look:

We were certain, surrounded by those who cared for us and blessed us with their presence so far from home, that we were, indeed, the luckiest couple. It was a serious step we were taking but, at the same time, we’d known for a long time that we belonged together.So many hugs and kisses followed the ceremony, such happiness flowed … it was unlike any feeling I’d ever experienced and I will never forget it.

… too soon, my wife and I will have to return to the real world… But we knew that going into this wonderful week, one that’s changed us in ways that we haven’t yet begun to appreciate… Bring on the real world. Together, forever, we’re ready.

Really, it makes you pity those people who don’t believe in the beauty of marriage.