The search for the modest (and beautiful) wedding gown

When I got married (almost 3 years ago) I needed the perfect wedding gown: gorgeous, elegant, unique… and modest. I did look around at a few bridal stores, and browsed many magazines, to get an idea of what I wanted. But what I suspected from the start turned out to be true: It is virtually impossible to find a dress that meets all those requirements, and provides sufficient cover!

Apparently someone else has experienced the same problem: “Who initiated and perpetuated the rumor that modesty means that a woman must forfeit femininity, beauty, elegance, grace, and style?” This blogger chooses women of royal blood as ideals when it comes to dressing with grace and modesty: Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, Princess Grace, who “fashioned wedding dresses that were the envy of every woman, and they were modest.”

If you are dealing with the same problem, you can read on for some suggestions on how to go about the search for the Perfect (Modest) Wedding Gown. Consider when to shop, where to shop, and who to shop with. Ask around for ideas and suggestions, try something different, and bear in mind that dresses can be altered, to a point (removing cap sleeves and adding longer ones, for example).

Or, you can do what I did. I had my dress made from scratch by a professional seamstress! She was able to create exactly the dress that I wanted, and it turned out to be cheaper than any other dress I would have considered buying (or even renting!)


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