Talk About an Age Gap!

You hear many times about older men marrying much younger women. But this headline sure sparked my interest: Man, 24, weds 82-year-old bride.

Ok, why did he marry someone 58 years older than him? “I’ve always liked mature ladies.” And he also “admired his new wife’s zest for life, and emphasised how special she was to him.” Oh. I see. “I don’t care what other people say.” Apparently not! I sense this is one  flaming hot love affair, as the senior citizen bride says coyly, “There is going to be more,” when asked whether this is a purely “spiritual” union.

There are so many things wrong with this picture, but the worst seems to be this tidbit of information. According to this article, their love began to blossom when the groom went to live with her after his mother’s death when he was 15.



  1. That is gross, and the guy is obviously a gold-digger.