Online shopping for the Petite Bride

Serafina is a one-of-a-kind shopping reference blog dedicated to locating and compiling the designers and shops that cater to petite women. Here, a bride gives you the 411 on buying a gown online. (She got hers at JCrew!) 

 I liked her advice on choosing a gown:

If you choose to purchase a dress online, I recommend purchasing all of the dresses you like and have them shipped. Send the no-goes back; you’ll get a full refund. I also strongly recommend choosing the ones that you are unsure of, too. I didn’t like the dress I wore when I saw it online. But I went ahead and ordered it anyhow just to be safe. When I received the dress it was perfect and exactly what I needed. You just never know.

It follows the same rules of shopping at boutiques: Even if you’re not sure you like a gown on the hanger, try it on!! You never know what will end up looking good on you.


  1. Hello and brides-to-be,

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