Office Bridal Showers: Fun for Everyone?

They might be good sports about it, but chances are the guys at your office really aren’t interested in joining your bridal shower. As one man puts it in a letter to Miss Manners, “As guys we don’t want to be invited to or attend office wedding and baby showers. In my day, these were by and for women… We all complain about it among ourselves, but none of us has the testosterone-makers to tell the women at the office to leave us off the guest list.”

And Miss Manners responds that unlike retirement or promotion parties, showers do not relate to work matters and should be celebrated with friends on their own time. But in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings, she advises, “Make it a workplace issue. The case you should make is that personal celebrations – which include birthdays as well as marriages and births – should not be celebrated in the office.”

Aside from the gentlemen who feel that bridal showers are women’s territory, Miss Manners points out that some ladies are also “tired of donating money, being tempted to eat cake and having their work interrupted for social celebrations on behalf of people with whom they have no real social relationship.”

So, I guess that’s the word on office bridal (and baby) showers. My boss would probably enjoy an office bridal shower immensely, but then again he’s the type of guy who likes hanging out with the gals! But play it safe, be considerate, and plan your shower on a weekend!