Marriage Lessons for the Spineless Wimp

Lying is essential to a happy and stable marriage. The high divorce rate today is entirely due to this stupid modern fad of total honesty between spouses.”

If you appreciate Oscar Wilde-ish humor of this sort, you may enjoy reading Peter Laurie’s article, “ON THE OTHER HAND: Marriage lessons.”

Marriage lesson No 1 is:  “Spineless wimps have a better chance of survival.” Lesson No 2 is the one about lying.  The third rule is, “A stupid gift is worse than no gift at all.” And rule number 4 is: “Cooking relieves stress.” (Yes, I suppose it does, as long as it’s the husband who’s cooking.) Read the whole article here!


  1. Never the Bride says:

    This is where my mantra, “Laugh at advice, and then disregard it” comes from.