7/7/07: Lucky day for weddings?

Brides and Grooms are rushing to get married this Saturday, believing that the date, 7-7-07, will bring them luck.  There are supposedly over 65,000 people getting married on this lucky day. But is it really lucky? According to numerologist Elizabeth Joyce, the day you get married plays a large part in the couple’s future, which is “determined by using an ancient equation of adding up all digits in a number and repeating until you get a single digit.”  I am not sure how she calculates that, but according to Joyce, the number associated with this “special” day is 5, which symbolizes romance, travel, children, grandchildren, and sports (sports??).  It is also a number symbolizing change and challenge. (But not to worry, most marriages bring change, and inevitably challenge.)

I’m skeptical. For example, the Jewish calendar, which is lunar, is completely different than the solar calendar that Joyce bases her calculations on.  The Jewish calendar is more accurate and more ancient, and if I were going to calculate meaning in dates, that’s what I’d use. Jewish tradition also holds that Tuesday is an auspicious day.

Different cultures have different “lucky numbers” too. For example, as Time points out, 8’s are lucky in Chinese culture, so maybe next year, on 8-8-08, Chinese couples will be the ones running to say “I do.” Americans might be surprised to find out that the Chinese consider 7 to be an unlucky number, associated with death!

 LiveScience reveals that the number 7 is thought of as a good omen in Western culture becuase of it’s “frequent and favorable appearance in the Bible.” David Frankfurter, professor of religious studies and history at the University of New Hampshire, explains that “in our modern American society we have a tendency to look for magical ways to control the world or fate, so numerology is especially important for us.” Evidence of this are the superstious avoidance of 13, especially when it falls on a Friday.

So do you think 7-7-07 is a lucky day? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this Saturday’s marriages fare better than the average!


  1. You are quite right! People tend to go a little over board with the whole numbers thing when it comes to big events in their lives. I think people are so desperate for luck in their marriages, lives, children etc that they will cling to whatever has the potential to bring it to them! But I say, whatever makes people happy and feel more at ease; that is something we need more of in this society!