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 There's something about this birdcage bandeau that is so pretty! But then again, most of the bridal hairstyles on the knot's "15 fresh hairstyles" are pretty! There are some great ideas for the perfect hairstyle, whether you want a sophisticated up-do or romantic down-do, decadent curls or sleek locks. Which one is your favorite? … [Read more...]

Turn Your Wedding into a Real Party!

If you want your wedding to be a rollicking party, the real fun just might be in the little details.  BridesVillage has lots of stuff you can buy to bring out your guests' playful side! There are disposable cameras, markers in 5 colors to write on glass (think "just married" scrawled on your car windows... and it won't run in the rain!), and even biodegradable confetti (it disintegrates on its own within 48 hours!). I'm not sure what you'd do with this bridal baseball cap, though, unless … [Read more...]

The Bride Wore Black Leather…

I haven't really checked out this book (and am not really interested in doing so) but the title sure is catchy... The Bride Wore Black Leather... And He Looked Fabulous: An Etiquette Guide for the Rest of Us by Drew Campbell and Donna Barr   Who do they mean by "the Rest of Us?" … [Read more...]

Ten Foods to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

AisleDash put together this list of 10 foods to avoid on your wedding day, if you don't want a bloated tummy. 1.) Broccoli 2.) Onions 3.) Chewing gum 4.) Soda 5.) High fiber cereals 6.) Brussels sprouts 7.) Beans/Legumes 8.) Lettuce 9.) Soups 10.) Cauliflower Or, you can just fast like I did (ie. not eat anything!) and avoid any problems that might prevent those corset strings from snapping! … [Read more...]

One Couple’s Dream Wedding Destination: The Vatican

I've heard of many dream destinations, but getting married at the Vatican is definitely unique! "After 15 months of planning, Englishwoman Samantha Wheeler married Tim Palmer in The Choirs Chapel at Basilica of St Peter’s." How cool is that!! … [Read more...]

Three Books for the Anti-Bride

Well, when I first heard "anti-bride" I wasn't sure what that meant. Someone who dislikes brides? Someone who doesn't want to be a bride? No, apparently this is the bride who wants to do her own thing, contrary to the expectations created by society surrounding brides and weddings. If you consider yourself an anti-bride, here are 3 books you might want to check into... The Anti-Bride Guide: "The perfect book for anyone alienated by the high-brow wedding industry... fabulous advice and … [Read more...]

Up, down, or half? What is the right bridal hairstyle for you?

According to this fashion blog, deciding on a bridal hairstyle has a lot to do with personal preference. Which makes sense to me... I mean, it's your wedding right? Secondary considerations would be factors such as: is your wedding a daytime wedding, or an evening wedding? Indoors or out? Will you be wearing a headpiece, and if so - what kind? Up-do's are best if you want a very formal look. However they work with any type of wedding, even the most casual beach wedding. I'd go with a looser … [Read more...]

Wedding Favors Your Guests Don’t Want!

AisleDash complied a list of 5 gifts your guests can do without. Susan put it so well I'm not even going to try to rephrase it! 1. CD of your favorite music.One friend told me that she just tossed five -- FIVE! -- of these personal CDs, each with the bride and groom's photo on the cover, in the trash. It may seem like fun to you to compile your favorite tunes, but your guests may not share your taste. 2. Anything engraved with your name and wedding date. Years ago, I was in three weddings … [Read more...]

Create your own Wedding Ring

No, I'm not talking creating a ring online and having someone else make it for you. I'm talking about actually making your wedding or engagement ring with your own two hands! According to New York Wedding Rings, "Most of the custom wedding rings pictured on this site were hand made in one session by a client with no prior metal-arts knowledge." Two simple wedding bands start at $1075 (950 Palladium, "a strong, light, Platinum Group Metal"), and can cost as much as $2250 (in platinum).  You can … [Read more...]

Want to lose weight for your wedding day?

Meet the bride who scared herself slim! Claire Barnes lost six stone (84 pounds!) the old-fashioned way, by eating healthy meals and  exercisizing.  Read her story and get the inspiration you need to start your own weight loss today! … [Read more...]