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For a happy marriage, say “Thank you!”

You will find many articles online about how to have a happy marriage. This one at LiveScience claims that a little bit of gratitude can go a long way. Household chores seem to play a big role in couple's satisfaction (ranking up top there with faithfulness, money, and sex!), and although women still seem to be doing the "lion's share" of the housework, both partners can work on appreciating the other's contributions. Want to encourage your man to do more? Try asking nicely (now there's an … [Read more...]

Wedding E-vites?

"Consider invitations made from recycled paper or even better, email your invitations to your guests and ask them to RSVP via email." This is advice from Waste Awareness Wales. The go on to suggest that you "ask guests to send their messages of congratulations using an e-card to save paper." Maybe they don't realize that not everyone you invite to your wedding has an email account, let alone a computer!! And I'm all for saving the environment (and saving money), but am I wrong for thinking … [Read more...]

The evolution of Marriage

Historically, marriages have been more a matter of covenience than love. Passion and romance was reserved for affairs and friendships outside the marriage. Yet today, "we marry for love—and are rewarded with a blistering divorce rate." I thought that Psychology Today's History of Marriage was so interesting! I bet you'll learn an interesting fact of two! … [Read more...]

Cutting Wedding Costs

100 Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs, from dresses to flowers, from venue to decor... if you want to save money, here are 100 things to consider! … [Read more...]

Why hire a Wedding Planner?

I can do it myself—I don’t need a wedding planner. My mom can do it. My aunt has done all of the weddings in my family. Why spend money on a planner–doesn’t the venue have a wedding coordinator I can use? What's in it for you when you hire a "professional" planner? Wedding planner Cynthia Betts of Des Moines will explain why! She has more than 20 years of experience in wedding/event planning as well as master certification from the American Association of Wedding Professionals. You can … [Read more...]

Make sure your Wedding Gown is done on time!

Don't let this happen to you!! This bride ordered her dress in April and was supposed to have it altered and ready by this week... but the manufacturers told her that they were backed up and it was not ready! Apparently, the dress is worked on and shipped out according to the wedding date, NOT necessarily according to the date it was ordered. Make sure you leave yourself enough-- plus extra-- time for "emergencies" like this! … [Read more...]

Is marriage all about the sacrifice?

Some brilliant blogging mind out there is trying to sound profound, or at least be thought-provoking, by writing about the secular bias against gay marriages. First of all, this is "secular" vs what? Religious? I'm not sure. But anyway, her premis is that people don't like the thought of gay marriage because it makes them feel foolish. (And no one fights harder than one who's being made to feel the fool.) In other words, these poor straight people are thinking, "Why do I have to suffer with this … [Read more...]

Wives make the decisions in a happy homes

Here's a Rueters article about a new study on marriage: According to a team of researchers from Iowa State University, a happy home is usually generally dominated by a strong woman who's husband is happy to abide by her decisions.  "The women were communicating more powerful messages and men were responding to those messages by agreeing or giving in," David Vogel, one of the leaders of the study and an associate professor of psychology, said in a statement. Now tell us something we don't … [Read more...]

Guess the Gown

MSNBC is conducting a live vote between 2 wedding gowns: Guess which dress cost $129.99 and which is the expensive designer gown? I guessed wrong, along with 49% of the other voters! Try it here and see if you have a better eye than I do... … [Read more...]

Do-it-yourself Bridal Bouquet

If you are looking to save money, or just enjoy this type of creative activity, you can make yourself a beautiful bridal bouquet that expresses your personal style. The Seattle Times has a fabulous article on making your bouquet with some great tips and ideas. They have divided bouquet styles into "romantic", "elegant", and "casual." A "romantic" bouquet would feature something classic, like white or pale pink roses mixed with freesia blossoms and tied with long, pretty ribbons. An … [Read more...]