Beads, Buttons, & Buckles: Supplies for the DIY Bride

M&J Trimmings recently updated their new Bridal Center. It took a while, but it’s finally finished and ready for all brides-to-be and wedding planners!  Whether you're undertaking an ambitious project like sewing your own dresses, or something simple like decorating the flower girl baskets, M&J's Bridal Center has all the supplies and great inspiration! Swarovski crystals ribbons & trims laces appliques buttons buckles handbag … [Read more...]

Budget-Slashing Wedding Planning Tips

Martha Stewart Weddings presents 65 Ways to Trim Your Budget... and who's budget couldn't use a little trimming, right? Here are some of their best wedding planning tips. If you have any other great budget-slashing ideas, please add them in the comment section! Save on Alcohol Instead of providing a full bar, serve a signature drink, such as punch or a favorite cocktail, instead of providing a full bar.  Another option is to limit alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that will … [Read more...]

Tips for trimming your wedding guest list

Imagine getting a save-the-date card in the mail with the following questionnaire about the bride: 1) Name the city I'm living in now. 2) Name at least two of my closest friends. 3) Name my current employer and my past employer. 4) Do I have any kids? 5) Do you know the name of my fiancé? Bonus question: Where and when did we meet? 6) Do you know where my parents are and whether they are still alive? 7) Name at least two of my hobbies. 8) How old am I? 9) Where did I … [Read more...]