Do Vendors Charge More for Weddings than Other Events?

You may have heard that vendors automatically hike up prices when they hear the word "Wedding." So is it really true that you pay twice the amount for a wedding cake than you would for a birthday cake that's exactly the same in every way? Choice, the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, investigated whether higher quotes do indeed go hand in hand with the W-word. (But such things go on everywhere, including the US and UK...) The Experiment: Businesses were selected in Melbourne and … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Financially Secure Marriage

Although financial concerns may be far from your thoughts when you became engaged, money quickly becomes important within weeks following the exchange of vows. There are things to buy, bills to pay and various other monetary decisions to consider. Unfortunately, far too many American families live from one economic crisis to another, never developing the habit of living within their means. A happy marriage is hard to maintain amid endless financial stress and conflict. Al Jacobs, a professional … [Read more...]