Planning a Blissful Financial Future

Finances are not always something that's discussed during courtship and engagement.  I mean, who really wants to talk about money when you're enjoying a candle-lit dinner or a walk on the beach? But ensuring a secure financial future together is an important step to creating a secure, happy marriage, and that takes a bit of planning.  Whether you are before of after tying the knot, the experts recommend sitting down together to develop a financial strategy that will help secure the long … [Read more...]

Barack and Michelle: A Model Marriage?

A very interesting Newsweek essay calls Barak and Michelle Obama's union "Our Model Marriage" and claims that "the Obamas have the kind of relationship millennials aspire to." All you have to do is watch them slow dancing to tuba music at last month's Youth Inaugural Ball, with President Obama "resting his head, eyes closed, on Michelle's shoulder" to realize that this is a love that's hard to fake. Romano calls their marriage "a union of self-sufficient equals" that appeals to 20-something … [Read more...]