Clever Guestbooks You’ll Want to Read and Re-read

Not everyone comes up with witty, thoughtful, or earth-shattering sentiments to inscribe in an ordinary guest book. Leave it to Martha to come up with this clever alternative: Each dinner table bears a blank book with a question on the cover, such as "What is your favorite memory of us?" or "What should we name our kids?" Plus, each guest finds a pen and a ribbon, reading "Don't forget to sign the booklet," atop the napkin. This is a great conversation-starter for guests, and assigned … [Read more...]

Wedding Signing Scrolls in lieu of a Guest Book

You might not have heard of a Signing Scroll, but after you take a look at these gorgeous pictures you might find that you want one as badly as I do... and i got married six years ago! Elizabeth Danae of I Dream of Letters explains what they are: "For those who may be unfamiliar with signing scrolls, these are designed to take the place of a standard guest book at a wedding, and many times, vows can be incorporated with them, much like a Quaker Wedding Certificate. I custom create to the … [Read more...]