DIY Wedding Catering: Is it possible?

Catering your own wedding?! That seems like a monumental– if not impossible– feat, but if it’s something you’re thinking about doing,  FoodServiceWarehouse has just made it a lot easier. FoodServiceWarehouse provides restaurant supplies and equipment, but they just recently put together a new catering resource loaded with information about equipment and supplies, photos, and educational articles.  If you want to learn more about catering your own event, this might be a good place to start.  In addition to preparing and serving the food, they’ve got advice and tips on how to decorate your reception hall, create beautiful table centerpieces, and more. “Our goal is to create a resource that is tailor made for the professional and home do-it-yourself-er.”

Some topics of interest to the DIY bride may be:

You can save money by catering your own wedding reception, but it can be a grueling endeavor. Learn tips for how to do it yourself and avoid stress and potential disaster.

Catering Display: How to Design the Perfect Buffet: Find out how you can create a buffet line that will be appetizing but will also dazzle the eye.

Decorating Your Own Wedding Reception Hall: Whether you are holding your wedding reception in your own house, an outdoor tent or a reception hall, learn how you can save money by decorating your own wedding reception.

Wedding Menu Ideas & Tips: Most couples want their wedding reception to be memorable. Learn how to develop a unique wedding menu that both the wedding party and the guests will love.

What You Need to Make & Decorate a Wedding Cake: Find out what tools you need to make and decorate a wedding cake, as well as steps detailing the entire process.

Off-Site Catering Menu: Choosing Foods that Hold & Travel Well: Some menu items will transport well while others will become stale, overcooked, soggy or dry. Here is a list of what works and what doesn’t, as well as some tips on how to transport tricky foods.

Designing a Wedding Table Centerpiece: Whether you are a caterer or a do-it-yourself newlywed, you can benefit financially from designing your own wedding centerpieces.

Chocolate Fountain Recipes: Find step-by-step instructions for how to make your own fondue chocolate that will flow smoothly in a chocolate fountain.

Do you have experience in catering a large event? Let us know what you think is crucial to success!