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Grooms, Have More Fun!

Of course, we all know it's all about the bride. But ya gotta feel sorry for the poor groom who also likes dressing to make a statement. Well, pity no more! On the day that you want to remember forever, Franklin + Gower is ready to dress the groom in clothes that bring color, humor, and life to every occasion. Franklin + Gower is based in my hometown of L.A. (the label takes its name from the notable intersection with a prime view of the Hollywood sign) but you can call for an appointment, … [Read more...]

Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Trends

During Bridal Fashion Week, top designers to show off their new lines, and give us a glimpse into what's hot in this season's wedding fashion. Here are some wedding dress trends you'll love! Look for them to hit your local bridal salon this spring. '50s Flair Bridal designers are loving belted gowns, high necklines, tulle skirts, and tea-length dresses. Dress by Anne Barge via the Knot. Tulle Tulle can be tricky to get right-- you want to look ethereal without feeling like a little … [Read more...]

Dress up your Drink!

Not everyone wants to splurge on small details like these, but they are so adorable I couldn't help admiring them!  These photos and ideas are from, so you can go over there for even more great ideas, yummy drinks, and info on where to purchase all these pretty little extras. This monogrammed plastic tumbler looks pretty spiffy, but it actually costs less than many rental glasses. You can get 100 of them for $89.95 at The American Wedding. (These are filled with tangerine juice … [Read more...]

Bridal Bouquets: The Look You Love for Less!

Have you seen a bouquet you crave as your own, but can't stomach the price tag on it?  Take a look at these photos and see if you can tell the difference between the budget bouquets and the pricier deluxe versions. Then head on over to to see how they did it! Can you tell the Difference? Can you tell the difference between the affordable and deluxe bouquets? Head on over to to test yourself!  They'll also give you some good tips on what affordable flowers you can … [Read more...]

Preserve your Bouquet the Artistic Way

If you'd like to keep your bouquet for years without going the dusty, dried-flowers route, here are some fantastic ideas. Martha Stewart suggests drying and framing  your blossoms, creating a beautiful framed arrangement: Snip blossoms and lay them on newsprint. Fold newsprint over to cover, and insert in a flower press (or between the pages of a phone book). Leave them for 10 to 12 days, until dry and papery. Use tweezers to transfer the flowers to card stock and arrange. (In … [Read more...]