Winter Weather Wedding Pictures!

Personally, I’m a summer girl. I don’t like the cold, I’m not crazy about rain, and I really don’t like the snow! That said, if you like winter weather there’s something undeniably magical about getting married in the snow! And it does make for some glorious pictures!

Marry Me in Colorado features many couples doing just that. If they’re not saying their vows under a chilly snowfall, at the least they’re brave enough to be taking artistic pictures in the cold, white stuff! And you gotta love the beautiful cover-ups some brides are wearing. Here are some great shots!

Ya, you gotta be crazy not to be all bundled up!!

OK, they are crazy!

A little less extreme but no less romantic, these photos from Once Wed of a rainy day wedding are amazing!  These photos are from Braedon Photography, of an adorable couple who were married in an old rustic barn on a not-so-sunny California day.