Picture Perfect Wedding with straps, hems, veils in place!

I recently saw an adorable first dance video that someone had posted to YouTube. But I could barely concentrate on the dance moves because I was so worried that the brides strapless dress was going to malfunction at any moment. The poor girl kept tugging and readjusting all throughout the dance, and I’m sure everyone breathed a sigh of relief when she made it through without flashing anyone.

Don’t let that be you!

Be prepared for any wardrobe disaster! Keep the bride and bridal party elegantly-dressed with everything properly in place! Take perfectly arranged wedding pictures!. Along with bobby pins, tissues, and touch-up makeup, your bag of wedding essentials should definitely include the Hollywood Fashion Tape Wedding Gown Assortment Pack.

Use this double-sided tape to hide bra and slip straps, secure strapless gowns and off shoulder tops, and to keep blouses and wrap style tops from gaping. You can also use it to keep the bride’s wedding veils and garters in place, keep a scarf from slipping, and fix a hem that’s coming undone. It even works to keeps the men’s cummerbunds and bow ties in place.

This assorted pack has 30 clear double stick hypoallergenic strips that come in a variety of different shapes. They’re fabric friendly and easy to use and remove. “Hollywood” Fashion Tape Assorted pack includes:

  • 4 Trapezoids to anchor strapless styles
  • 6 Curves to secure strapless styles
  • 6 Original Strips to hide straps, fix hems, blouse gaps
  • 6 Wide Strips to keep garments in place
  • 8 Skinny Strips to secure shoe and spaghetti straps
  • Now here’s another great wardrobe accessory: Hollywood No Shows Disposable Nipple Concealers! When the wedding gown is strapless, backless…and totally un-bra-able, these nipple concealers will keep you covered and confident. These adhesive bras offer invisible discretion in dresses, tops (and even swimsuits), all while protecting sensitive skin with soft, non-stick centers.  Tucking them inside your bridesmaids’ gift baskets will make you a hero on your big day, too!

    Each box contains five pairs of Hollywood No Shows Disposable Nipple Concealers. These stick-on bras are perfect for all types of gowns, destination weddings, breezy summer dresses, and pre-wedding girls’ night out!

    Feature image from morilee.com