Let’s Elope!

Elope! advises Let’s Run Off… it’s the affordable alternative!  “Create a beautiful, intimate day free of stress and high-cost. It’s your day, claim it!” If you’re thinking of running off and getting married, Let’s Run Off has planning ideas, dream destinations, and lots of true elopement stories!

Here are 2 quick stories from May’s Elopement Wedding Bulletin:

Elope with Gusto
(Gusto who?? Just kidding…) Story #1: I have a friend who eloped to Spain, got married in a cathedral with an opera singer singing “Ave Maria.” How divine. Story #2: A co-worker threw a New Year’s Eve party, and when everyone showed up the couple revealed that it was their wedding. They shared their ceremony with the friends and family in attendance and then continued on with the party, bringing in the New Year with gusto.

An alternate approach to your wedding day honors your commitment to each other, creates a cherished memory and produces a fun story that reflects your creativity and romanticism. Eloping allows you all the freedom to craft a special wedding day, so take the time and create the wedding of your dreams!

Your wedding is a day, a marriage is forever. So celebrate your commitment to each other by doing something outside the norm! Plan something you’re always dreamed of doing, or let it become something spontaneous, romantic, and magical that will create cherished memories and a fun, uniquely-you story. And of course, you’ll be using your hard-earned money to put a down payment on your house or once-in-a-lifetime adventure, instead of a commercialized wedding.

Today’s elopements are no longer taboo affairs, they are happy surprises. And while elopements have traditionally been an exclusive affair, they don’t have to be. You can still have your father walk you down the aisle or your best friend witness your ceremony. The best part of eloping is that there are no rules!

Reasons to Elope

  • Save money. The cost of running away for an intimate wedding and honeymoon typically costs tens of thousands dollars less than a traditional wedding.
  • Save hassle: Avoid months of wedding planning, sticky family situations, and stuffy protocol.
  • Save time: If you’re so in love you can’t wait another minute, running off will save you months of wedding planning
  • Dislike attention: Not all brides and grooms want to be the center of attention!
  • It’s so romantic: There’s just something sweet and old-fashioned about the idea of running off to City Hall to be married.
  • Spontaneity and thrill: If you just want to do something different, this will get your family and friends’ attention in a major way!

Reasons Not to Elope

  • Missing friends and family: You won’t be able to celebrating with many dear friends and family, who’s attendance you would otherwise want and enjoy.
  • Hurt feelings: Mothers of the bride tend to be especially upset when they find out that they weren’t included in your wedding.
  • Severing relationships: If you’re running off because your parents don’t approve of your fiance, this might ruin any chance to improve the relationship between your spouse and your family.
  • Missed opportunity: Make sure you won’t regret the wedding you never had. While you might enjoy the trill of the moment, you don’t want to wish you’d done it differently later on. This does not mean you’ll be sorry you didn’t have a big party, but you might miss the opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones who live far away, but would come for a wedding.

About.com suggests that if you do decide to elope, be sure to not act too quickly. Consider carefully where you want to marry, and look into the marriage license laws. Many places don’t allow you to apply for a license and marry on the same day. This is partially why eloping to Las Vegas is so popular, as fast marriages are considerably easier there.

An elopement doesn’t have to be totally exclusive. Think about inviting a few guests. Some couples invite only their best man and maid of honor, others invite their parents or siblings. For a courthouse wedding, ask how many guests you are allowed to bring with you.  You might consider go out for a celebratory dinner afterward, or throw a reception for family and friends.