Black is Back… For the Bride!

Black is beautiful, trendy, and flattering. This is what many fashion forward brides are thinking, even as they contemplate their attire for the big day. Black dresses embellished with lace and pearls are an attractive choice, but those who do not dare go the whole way are simply adding touches of it, in the form of piping, embroidery, or long gloves, reports the Daily Mail.

Not only is black an elegant and unique choice for a bridal gown, in these difficult times it’s an economical choice, too. Women are more likely to re-wear their wedding gown if it’s black, rather than white or ivory.  For the same reason, tailored outfits are more popular than puffy, meringue-shaped gowns.

Does this trend sound bizarre? Maybe it shouldn’t. Brides wore different colours until the 19th century, since many women simply chose their best dress, rather than buy a new one. It wasn’t until 1840, when Queen Victoria wore rich white silk to wed in, the colour associated with purity became the norm for British brides, which spread to other Western countries.

While black may be associated with funerals in traditional American attitude, many cultures associate while with death and grieving. It’s also interesting to realize that in Spain, a black dress signifies the bride will remain faithful until she dies.

The bottom line is, modern brides are not squeamish about expressing their individuality, even if it means going against tradition.  Whether your dress is white, red, blue or black, wear something on your wedding day that makes you feel beautiful, and reflects your uniqueness!

Would you wear a black wedding dress?