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Choosing your Groomsmen

Picking favorites is always a touchy thing, so when choosing your groomsmen you want to be careful not to bruise any egos. You've got your best buddies brothers, cousins, college roommates, and pals from elementary school.  They'd all like to be included in the wedding party, and some may even be hoping for the "best man" position. It's a delicate task, but here are some tips from the Knot to help you get it done! How Many? You can choose as many--or as few-- groomsmen as you like. The … [Read more...]

5 Fall 2009 Wedding Ideas

Leaves are changing colors and there's a chill in the air. Everything changes with the season, from the foods to the fabrics, and even to the flowers that a bride will carry with her down the aisle. Autumn is a beautiful season for a wedding, and there are myriad ways to charm your guests. Keep things warm and cozy with these fun and festive fall wedding ideas! (image from eHow) 1. Hang amber-lit lanterns The warm-colored light perfectly coordinates with fall wedding colors.  With so much … [Read more...]