Valentines in Vegas: a Cherry-chocolate Extravaganza

Dr. Pepper is announcing the launch of Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper, and what better way to celebrate than by offering free weddings to all eligible couples in Vegas on Valentine’s Day? (Well, I could think of ways I’d rather celebrate, but who I am to stop a bunch of crazy people from getting their spur of the moment, dream Vegas wedding? And why shouldn’t Dr. Pepper capitalize by jumping on the great wedding publicity train?)

According to Fox news, “Couples will be given a wedding consultant and a choice between three different themes for their ceremony: a traditional white wedding, an indulgent cherry chocolate wedding or a rock n’ roll-themed extravaganza, complete with rockin’ music, Elvis impersonators and other Vegas-style must-haves!

On Feb. 14, everyone is invited to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, where Diet Dr Pepper will create a fantasy chapel of love. Want to tie the knot with millions of viewers to cheer you on? Come on down, but don’t forget to bring your official marriage certificate and a “cute outfit!”

Not getting married, but ready to party? You’re invited! Or you can cozy up with your Valentine and view the nuptials via a 24-hour, live streaming video direct from the Hard Rock Hotel. Visit or for details.