The Roaring 20’s provide Wedding Inspiration

When you think of your ideal wedding, do swirling fringes and feathers flash before your eyes? Are you itching to pick up your skirts and dance the Charleston? If you’re a fun-loving, spirited “bright young thing” with a flapper-girl spirit, have you thought of a 1920’s style wedding?


To get some ideas, visit aisledash.

1920’s girls, known as flappers, were at the forefront of the revolution that challenged Victorian attitudes to women. They demanded the freedom to live their own lives and had a lot of fun doing it. These women wore obvious make-up, showed their knees and flung themselves into the hedonistic rhythms of Jazz and the Charleston. They threw away their restrictive corsets, cut their hair, smoked, wore trousers and drove fast cars. Life was fun and meant for living… The style and spirit of adventure of the 20’s combined with their great love of partying makes an ideal theme to base your wedding on.


My 1920-Something Wedding is a blog about a 20’s themed wedding. More ideas availible here, here, and here.  And have a taste of some wedding history from the gay days of freedom and non-conformity.