Star in your own wedding video

Don’t you sometimes wish you could press rewind, and try saying that again? Or not saying it at all? Well now you can! Afraid your best man might find himself in such a situation, with the bride and groom squirming uncomfortably? Thinking Dad’s speach is going to be unbearably dull? You can avoid that! This is such a cute idea, I’d do it even if I was sure my best man (or any other toasting guests) could hold it together.

Forget the Fumbling Best Man’s Speech. Now you (or your guests) can star in your own movie! Ichikoo is a documentary film-making company with a “quirky eye and an artistic touch” who will can capture your big day in a classic cinemetic style, fashionable art look, or TV documentary format. They are located in the UK, but you can watch some of their video clips to get ideas for your own wedding video.

Tim Earl, Ichikoo producer, explains: “We all know how it goes… the best man stands up after too many glasses of champagne, forgets his words, and then starts revealing inappropriate details about how he once stole a kiss with the bride – before falling over. Most people dread making a speech because it doesn’t come naturally to them, so why do it? Instead, a bespoke film can capture everything the speakers want to say in a controlled environment, before the event, ensuring nothing goes amiss such as nerves, intoxication or ‘cat-got-your-tongue’ syndrome.”