Short and Sweet Dresses for the Unconventional Bride

When I think “bridal gown” I think of long, long, long dresses, preferably with long, long, long trains. “Not many women seem to take the plunge and go for the short stuff,” says fab sugar, pointing out that cocktail-inspired dresses are a bit unconventional. But there are those brides who prefer something “short and sweet” like the budget beautiful bride. Besides for just liking the look, her reasons for choosing short over long are as follows:

  • “We are humble people who do not live fancy schmancy lives…” For her, a shorter dress equals simplicity.
  • “I also don’t fancy the idea of a dress dragging behind me like a dead fish. I want to be light on me feet…” (Well, when you put it that way!! You can always bustle it up after the ceremony!)

In any case, there’s nothing “dead fish” about these dresses. Here are the pictures from her “inspiration board:”

I’m definitely a long wedding dress type of gal, but here is one beauty that almost makes me change my mind. OK, I’ve already had my chance at wedding gowns, (and wore a lovely, long dress with a train!) so it’s not really up for discussion, but IF I was still looking for a dress, this would be up for serious consideration!! It’s a Stephanie Allin “modern vintage look” that I found at the bridal wish list blog:

Some other ideas for short wedding dresses, compliments of tickled pink brides (Top row by Rivini; Middle row by Anne Barge; Bottom row by Romona Keveza):

If I had to go with a short wedding dress, I’d chose one that swirls!! I love the one in the middle with the silver sash and the one right under it with the long sleeves. Gorgeous!

What’s your short wedding dress style?