Pick a fight, you’ll live longer!

I read an article called “Marriage: It’s only going to get better” which was a response to another article about a marriage study, called “Marriage: It’s only going to get worse.”

And I quote:

“… a study done by researchers at the University of Michigan found couples tend to view one another as increasingly irritating and demanding the longer they are together.

So then I read another headline concerning marriage. This one said “Spouses who fight live longer.”

This one topped a story about another University of Michigan study (don’t they have anything better to do?) indicating that couples who don’t fight die earlier than ones that do.

And here I thought I was perfectly happy with my bride of nearly 33 years. Now I am told by experts that she will begin to get on my nerves as time goes on. She doesn’t now, by the way, we get along quite well.

And as for the fighting bit, we don’t, not really. So perhaps that indicates I already get on her nerves, and by not picking fights with me she is secretly trying to kill me?”

I guess you just can’t win.