Lonely British hearts pining for marriage

If you’re looking for a husband, a British chap might be just the thing! According to a recent poll, UK singles are ripe for the picking: UK singles are the saddest, shyest, and keenest on marriage.

A third of Britons want to get married, and more than a third of them are miserable being alone. This is compared to only 17 percent of Dutch singles who mind being alone. Marriage is clearly not high on the list of things to do for other Europeans: a mere 8 percent of Austrians, 13 percent of Germans and 14 percent of French said they want to wed that special someone.

It also appears that British men are more reserved and therefor shy away from making the first move (as opposed to the Dutch who apparently do so with ease). Perhaps they are waiting for a princess to come and sweep them off their feet. So, if you are a bold woman with a liking for British accents, maybe England should be your next vacation destination!