How to be a Photogenic Bride

You don’t have to be a model or a celebrity to be photogenic. Most people do not actually like having their picture taken. The good news is that anyone can learn how to take a better picture, they just need to learn a few tricks of the trade! The key is to look natural, relaxed, and happy. Here are some tips from the professionals to help you look your best in (almost) every picture!

Wear colors that compliment your coloring. Not all whites are created equal! Pick a dress in a shade that looks good against your skin and hair tone.

Determine your best angle. One good way to do this is experiment with a digital camera, in various poses. It will very quickly become obvious which angles are most flattering for you, and you can then use that angle as much as possible in the future. Do not face squarely into the camera with weight evenly distributed on both feet, unless you want pictures that look stiff and unnatural. Rather, angle your body slightly to one side, whether  you are standing or sitting. If you are standing, rest your weight on one foot.

Get rid of the double chin. To hide a double chin, lean slightly toward the camera, and tilt your head down a bit. Try to position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level. You can also put one hand under your chin as though you’re resting your head on your hand, without actually putting weight on it.

Heads up! Don’t look directly at the camera, always look slightly above it. (Some suggest looking slightly to the side.)

Don’t blink! To avoid blinking, have the photographer count to three. Blink as he counts two, so your eyes will be open on three!

Listen to your mother and don’t slouch! Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in pictures. Sitting or standing up straight will make you look more alert and attractive. Breath normally, while drawing your stomach in and relaxing your shoulders. This is something you might want to practice in advance, especially if you don’t have naturally good posture.

Relax! Many people look funny in photos because they freeze into fixed smiles or odd facial expressions. If you start feeling nervous, take a deep breath, and exhale naturally, relaxing your arms and shoulders. Don’t hold your breath. If you see the camera following you, don’t panic and try to strike a pose. Just keep doing what you’re doing let the camera capture the moment!

Think happy thoughts! Nothing looks better than a genuine, happy smile. Think of someone who makes you happy (on your wedding day that shouldn’t be too difficult!), or imagine something really funny. Don’t be afraid to laugh a bit! To avoid a stiff, unnatural smile, try to time it so that you don’t have to hold it for too long.

If you don’t like your smile or your teeth, adopt a Mona Lisa expression. Try a more subdued, closed-mouth smile. Regardless of how you choose to smile, try to convey a happy, relaxed air. A serious or melancholy look comes off as grim, not mysterious.

Smile with your eyes. Nothing projects happiness and beauty like eyes that sparkle and shine. To achieve this effect, think about having a crush or being in love. Chances are, on your wedding day you are unconsciously doing this already!

And now with your mouth. Smile using your top row of teeth; a smile with both rows of teeth can easily look fake. You might try a teeth-whitener for a more dazzling smile. Keep your tongue behind your teeth.

Keep the shine down. You want to be matte, so avoid the shine in the ever-troublesome t-zone – the top of your nose and your forehead. Bring along some face powder for touch-ups, especially on a warm day.

Keep your arms in. Try to keep all body parts as close to your torso as possible, as anything protruding directly at the camera will seem huge in the photo.  Some women hold their arms just a couple inches away from their body to minimize the flabby upper arm look.

Down with the flowers: When posing with a bouquet, do not bend your elbows at 45 degree angles. Keep your arms long, otherwise the flowers will hide the pretty bodice of your dress and make you look shorter than you are.

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Picture: divavillage