Florida Marriage Amendment in Danger of Not Making 2008 Ballot

marriage.jpgWhile the definition of marriage seems to be subjective in today’s society, one Florida-based group is fighting to define marriage in its traditional parameters as “the union of one man and one woman.” The Florida Coalition to Protect Marriageis working on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment, which would prohibit polygamy, group marriage, and same sex marriages. 

In order for Floridians to have the chance to protect marriage in November, Florida4Marriage.org must collect 22,000 signatures in just two weeks. Amendment leaders are calling on pro-family leaders nationwide to collect new signatures, which must be mailed or hand-delivered to state headquarters by the close of business Tuesday, Jan. 29. 

If you are interested in making Florida the 28th state that protects traditional marriage, visit Florida4Marriage.org to download and sign the petition.