Bold Wedding Fashions for 2009

Fashions come and go with the seasons, and women’s style, including wedding trends, can follow some bizarre patterns. In my opinion, your wedding dress, accessories, and make-up should reflect your personal style, not the whims of runway designers. After all, you’ll have to look at those wedding pictures in ten, twenty, fifty years from now, and not cringe. Having said that, we can still take a peek into the upcoming wedding fashions for year 2009.

Sarah Black, owner of high-end bridal salon Belle Couture Bridal, let’s us know what’s hot when it comes to the 2009 wedding fashion scene.

Wedding gown: If you want to go the unconventional route, don’t try a red dress this season. You’ll be sadly out of style. “Leave the bold colors for the bridesmaid dresses, not the wedding gown,” says Black. Instead, get creative with unconventional fabrics. “Think cotton lace and embroidered tulle, for example.”

Headpieces: Do you want to wear a tiara? Too bad. If you want to be style savvy, you’re better off spouting feathers!  “Feathers are a great accessory for a wedding,” says Black. “They add some flair to a gown or as a hair accessory without being overstated.”

Bridesmaids: Maybe you were thinking of champagne or a light silver for your bridesmaids… Oh no, not in 2009! When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, it’s all about being bold. According to Black, striking colors such as canary yellow, cobalt blue and Kelly green will be popular to create a dramatic effect.

And one more piece of advice:

“Brides shouldn’t be afraid to have some fun with color and accessories in the coming year,” says Black, whose bridal salon just outside historic Charleston, S.C., features nationally-renowned wedding gown designers. “While versions of white are always best for the wedding gown, selecting a bold accent color for the wedding party can add a real spark to those wedding photos.”

Source: PR Press Release

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